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National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day

To celebrate National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day on Tuesday, January 15th, the Shaping Dover team visited our collaborators: Naranja Juice Bar and Reboot 111 Juice Bar, who focus on healthy eating by providing their customers with fresh squeezed juices, vegan and clean food options. These businesses have been part of our team since the beginning of our Shaping Dover initiative. During the course of this time, they have grown and even expanded their businesses due to a more health conscious community which has become aware of the benefits of consuming fresh, nutritious products.

The benefits of drinking a glass of freshly squeezed juice cannot be disputed. “Juicing” is not only refreshing, hydrating and delicious but it also aids the body to fight free radicals which could cause diseases. Juices are easily absorbed by the body because the nutrients from the vegetables or fruits have already been broken down into a digestible form the body can use within thirty minutes of consumption versus the two hours that it would take for whole fruit. Processed juices, in most cases, contain a large amount of added sugars or sweeteners. Freshly squeezed fruit juices do contain sugar in its natural form. Moreover, by “juicing” one can avoid harmful ingredients, such as fructose, corn syrup and food coloring that do not provide any real nutritional value.

Studies show that about 80 percent of Americans are not consuming enough fruits and vegetables. Some might argue that this is due to the convenience of buying processed juices at stores which people believe is more cost-effective. Making your own juice using blenders or manual fruit squeezers allow you to create your own nutritious mixture without paying for fancy packaging and marketing. In this manner, it is easier to reach the recommended five to ten servings of fruits and vegetables a day without breaking the bank.

The Shaping Dover team is extremely grateful for the constant support of Naranja Juice Bar and Reboot 111 Juice Bar who are helping our community access healthier eating and drinking options. Reboot 111 has been promoting these healthy habits also in schools, by providing fresh juices to the Dover School District.

If you are feeling thirsty or hungry consider visiting these wonderful juice bars!

In the picture above, from left to right: Victoria Pinales (Shaping Dover), Judy Santiago (Naranja Juice) and Maria Solines (Shaping Dover)

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Partnership for Maternal and Child Health of Northern New Jersey

Shaping Dover, a program of the Partnership for Maternal & Child Health of Northern NJ, is a community health initiative to improve the health of the people of Dover, New Jersey, by developing plans that focus on increasing physical activity and promoting healthy food choices. Our goal is to add healthy foods to the menus of restaurants and to encourage physical activities.