Grantee Blog 2020

NCTH and Freehold Use Creative Strategies for Community Outreach

Like nearly every community and organization, Neighborhood Connections to Health (NCTH) has been forced to shift focus and modify plans for serving the Freehold Community.  While this has posed challenges, creative problem solving and investment by the NCTH staff and partners has helped to continue to push the momentum of the Intergenerational Physical Activity group forward.

Prior to the COVID response, the group planned to use community events, school contacts and direct outreach to recruit members of the community to apply for the Freehold Intergenerational Community Council (FICC).  As the FICC application has been finalized, the plans to recruit have been modified.  To reach community members, discussions with Freehold Borough Schools have continued, allowing for information to reach students about the process.  Information sheets are being distributed throughout the Community at the NCTH Mobile Pantry events being held two times per month, with weekly meals being delivered to home bound seniors three days per week and with meals being distributed to community members two days per week.  Additionally, work to promote the FICC application has also been promoted through NCTH social media and Coalition members.  Last, NCTH is also conducting focus groups with members of the community related to Coalition values and during these sessions, participants are encouraged to apply to join FICC.

The Intergenerational Physical Activity group is hopeful that during a trying and stressful time, the desire to come together as a community, with a shared vision of improvement will lead to a great pool of Freehold residents to apply for FICC.  Applications are due by June 15th and the group looks forward to continuing to use creative solutions to reach its goals!

About the Grantee


Neighborhood Connections to Health (NCTH) is a community non-profit organization, which began as a portion of the work of the Visiting Nurses Association (VNA). NCTH was formed in 2016 and currently works under 4 priority areas: Intergenerational Physical Activity, Bikeability/Walkability, Lead Prevention and Access to Healthy Foods.