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New Year and New Enthusiasm!

A brand new year brings excitement and energy as well as a strong commitment to guarantee all of our projects reach completion this year.  So much has already happened in January to start the ball rolling in the right direction.

As you can see in the pictures, the old building at the Recreation Center has been fully demolished. This allows for our new state of the art building to be resurrected this year. We don’t have a definitive completion date as of now, but our hopes are by late summer.  Once the building is completed, we will be putting to good use our grant money on the surrounding grounds.  We have begun receiving quotes on some upgrades to the playground area as well as adding calisthenic equipment. This would serve the many parents that we hope visit the park with their children. As the children play, the parents can also get in some exercise. It would also attract others looking for outside exercise options.

The shared service agreement for the bike racks is in its final stages with our solicitor.  The hope is that there are no complications with the designated locations when it comes time to sign the agreement.  If all goes according to plan, there will be a spring install and marketing campaign to go along with it.

We are once again offering our sports organizations the $500.00 reimbursement incentive to provide healthier choices at the snack stands. We already have a meeting planned in early February to discuss the expectations for this year and the hopes that this creates change for the future.  The meeting will be led by the grant manager as well as the nutritionist and we are opening up the meeting to coaches as well as interested parents.

Our Audubon’s Walk Through History project continues to progress nicely.  We have another scanning event planned for early March in coordination with the high school and our historical society. We have secured the necessary help to begin working on the website as well as begin the writing process for our historical stops.

There are so many great projects going on in Audubon right now thanks to the NJ Community Health Grant.  We are all looking forward to a busy and successful year!

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The Borough of Audubon is a hard working community that takes pride in its surroundings. Those involved with this grant are committed to the process of creating a healthier community through better access to healthier foods and more opportunities for active recreation.