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Now Arriving: Exercise Videos for the Trail!

It took a bit of time and a lot of experimentation, but we’ve finally figured out a method of filming videos that produces a decent video quality! This video quality may not be perfect, but it works well for placeholder videos we can host on our YouTube channel and share on our Shaping Elizabeth webpage (which is where the QR codes on the signs will link to).

The first thing we had to experiment with is filming using different devices. Since our YMCA doesn’t own professional filming equipment we tried the variety of cell phones, tablets, and laptops that were in our possession and ended up having the most luck with a Samsung Galaxy S20.

Location also had a lot to do with the quality of our videos. We quickly learned filming indoors gave us better control of the sound quality in the videos. Partly because we could film during times when there weren’t many people around, but partly because of the size of the space. Smaller spaces with less doors tended to have better sound quality because the instructor’s voice couldn’t echo as much.

The lighting of the space we filmed in also affected the video quality. Spaces that only used artificial lighting tended to look dim or have an odd color cast on them. Spaces that had a lot of natural light through windows, or that could use a combination of natural and artificial light looked the best. Which had the unexpected side affect of determining what time of day we filmed our videos to get the best light quality.

Last but not least, we learned that the more editing we tried to do after the videos were filmed, the lower the quality of the video ended up being. When we took all of the above into account and then lightly edited in a video editor like VivaVideo, we ended up with video quality we felt comfortable sharing. They’re still not perfect, but they are definitely better than our original tests! We’re using the 4 videos we created as placeholders for now, and may upgrade them in the future (either through purchasing professional filming equipment or hiring a professional videographer to help).

We hope this explanation of how we improved our video quality can help you with any of your filming efforts. The image for this blog is an example of the video quality created by following these tips!

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The Gateway Family YMCA (TGFY) is a community-based organization rooted in Christian principles and committed to building healthy lives through programs that strengthen minds, bodies and spirits for people of all ages, religions and cultures. The leader of the Shaping Elizabeth coalition, TGFY is committed towards supporting the health, nutrition and physical activity of all Elizabeth residents.