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On the home stretch…

The last two years of our Healthy Elsinboro journey have flown by. We began with a concept, and have made it a reality. Thank you to all of those that have supported our program from inception. This has been a team effort.

In our last blog we shared that the costs of our proposed walking path were higher than anticipated. We have received permission to reallocate our budget to make the walking path happen. This change will mean that the activity stations will need to be part of a later project, but it will put us one step closer to completion.

We also reported that we were close to sending our community survey. I am excited to share that this survey was sent to all residents and we have already started to receive responses. We plan to use this information to drive future efforts.

We hope to be able to share more positive results during our next post. Until then…

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Elsinboro Township is a rural community located along the Delaware River in Salem County. One of New Jersey's first communities, Elsinboro Township offers a rich history. With just over 13 square miles of land, Elsinboro Township has something for everyone.