Grantee Blog 2020

Operation “ClearKut”

The clean out continues for our community garden over near the baseball field behind the Murray-Trout American Legion Post 262 because of a dedicated member of our community and teacher of the Environmental Club at the Audubon High School.  Two corners still need to be cleared of vegetation and a couple of trees need to be removed as well as two stumps to make room for a new fence.  Some weeds along the outfield fence need to be addressed, but we are, overall, in a good position from previous clean ups and thanks to the help of the Audubon Public Works Department.  Operation ClearKut is our next event, which will take place on Saturday, October 24, 2020, to make all the above happen.  It is now time to look into purchasing about five picnic tables for this area. Everyone is moving as quick as possible to make this clean out happen before the weather changes so it will be ready and waiting for planting in the spring.

Our new Recreation Center has been completed and we are looking to have a virtual opening of both the building and the grounds surrounding it on October 17th.  Our last round of NJHC grant money helped to add exercise equipment as well as percussion instruments. This round we are looking to add onto the playground a bit more. We are looking to purchase a mommy-and-me swing and then evaluate what else would benefit our community.

I am waiting on an update regarding the food bank strategic plan at this time. I hope to have an update on that soon.

Overall, despite all the challenges of 2020, we are making excellent progress!

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The Borough of Audubon is a small town that is wedged between several other similar sized towns. We are constantly working to partner with these other towns to meet common goals.