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Partners We Call Friends

We couldn’t ask for better partners than Joe Macasek and the Canal Society of New Jersey. It is no small task that the Canal Society has in its stewardship the 102 miles of this historic waterway. It was by chance, not design, that we became aware of the work done by this group when we embarked on our quest to clear the thick, overgrown trail in 2017 through our grant. Joe and other valued members of the Canal Society have been with us through many phases, from clearing and clean-up, to historical panels and signs, and with our kick-off event on National Trail Day in 2017, when Joe and a few other Canal members lead a group of 100+ people along the trail and into history. Now that we are continuing to enhance the Morris Canal designation in Lincoln Park, we have completed the 2nd kiosk (but actually the first kiosk when you enter Lincoln Park from Wayne) and Joe has designed and installed the panels, giving the casual passerby or the history buff, description and pictures of what it was like in the 1800’s. The research, expertise, time and cost have been graciously and generously donated by Joe and the Canal Society. This week we will be visiting the Lock 14 site in Lincoln Park, where the Canal Society will construct a historic panel. With this kiosk, we have officially designated another 2 miles of the trail of the Morris Canal, to add to the 0.6 miles that we cleared. This realizes the entire length of the canal in Lincoln Park. It feels good to accomplish this, but also to have great partners that we now call friends. And what is the health benefit from this? 2.6 miles of history to walk and bike!

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