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People Welcome Healthy Options

Connect to Walk and Bike (CTWB) of Morris County has physical activity as their primary strategy but while working on expanding routes in partner communities, we try to promote healthy options as well. Recently, while attending several business events, we took notice of progress. The breakfast servings included fruit, water, and yogurt. The vending machines were labeled for healthy options too! It takes a little prodding and some convincing that changes will be welcomed but management will see the difference. Often, management will reply that employees want the donuts and soda – see how much they consume. When, in fact, the healthier options are offered, employees express appreciation. Order fewer donuts, smaller bagels, and more fruit! Physical activity efforts continue although the colder weather makes foot assessments more challenging. Staff from the Nomad Group have taken photos in Rockaway and the committee has begun to review possible routes. After making a presentation to the Morris County Economic Development Corporation, Municipal Council, several communities stepped forward with an interest in working with the CTWB committee. Hopefully as funding is available, CTWB can continue to work its way throughout Morris County. The new communities might begin efforts on their own, mentored by the committee. This will move things along more quickly and reduce the amount of funds needed for the project. We’ll be leaving Dover soon – just a few more surveys and a meeting with the police department, before our full focus is on Rockaway Township. As we close out 2018, we look forward to working with new partners and communities to get Morris County moving! Happy Holidays!


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Morris Park Alliance

Connect to Walk and Bike of Morris County works with willing partner communities to enhance biking and walking opportunities by providing free walking and biking assessments, windshield surveys, community surveys, maps, and a final report that recommends connections. The results are within the community, and connect to adjacent communities where possible.