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Plainsboro Growing Fresh Food at the Library

Healthy eating is alive and well in Plainsboro.  For the past few months Darren Miguez, Head of Children Services for Plainsboro’s Public Library has turned the outdoor third floor balcony of the library into a raised bed container garden.  The crop consists of zucchini, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers, cherry tomatoes, and kale.  Herbs such as dill, lemon grass, and parsley are also being grown.

The library’s third floor is also the children’s floor and the location of the science center.  Children witness the progress of the rowing season and what “raw” food looks like before it is harvested and shipped to stores.  Programs focused on how the various crops relate to healthy eating are also part of the experience.

With almost half of Plainsboro’s housing consisting of apartments, condominiums and townhomes, the container gardens shows children and parents how a little space can yield huge healthy eating rewards.


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Plainsboro Township is located in southwestern Middlesex County. The Township grew from its agricultural roots into a community of about 24,000 residents covering nearly twelve square miles, half of which is preserved open space. Plainsboro is home to Novo Nordisk’s North American headquarters and the headquarters of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.