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Plainsboro’s Bike Sharing Station in Winter

The bike sharing station at the Plainsboro library is one of twenty stations in a network around Plainsboro.  Daily ridership numbers at the station grew during the summer and peaked in the month of September.  The ridership data shows that about a third of the riders starting at the library’s station are repeat bike users as evidenced by the number of ‘membership plans’ purchased.  This NJHCN grant was used as ‘seed’ money to demonstrate that bike sharing is a viable means to attract non-vehicular travel in and around Plainsboro and support the healthy lifestyle associated with bicycling.  Even though the end of the grant cycle is approaching the station will continue through the generous support of the Princeton Forrestal Center.  Bikes will be available as long as weather permits.

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Plainsboro Township

Plainsboro Township is located in southwestern Middlesex County. The Township grew from its agricultural roots into a community of about 24,000 residents covering nearly twelve square miles, half of which is preserved open space. Plainsboro is home to Novo Nordisk’s North American headquarters and the headquarters of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.