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Planning for 2019 Vauxhall Community Garden

Vauxhall Community Garden would like to start 2019 off with more inclusion of the Community, last year we concentrated on getting the Community Garden started by informing the community of Golden Rule’s Community Garden with our ground breaking ceremony. We recently had a meeting with Golden Rule to advise them of projects for 2019, we also meet with two sisters Pat & Bill from the community that would love to be more involved in 2019, last year they had one of the square foot boxes and grew vegetables themselves, one of their ideals is to make the garden more appealing to the community by improving the Community Garden’s entrance, it was well received by Golden Rule.
Golden Rule also have plans to reach out to the community especially the seniors in our community for assistance with the Community Garden, we will start by blanketing the community with flyers to advise them of the opening of the Community Garden this year. We intend to reach out to schools in our community for student involvement for community service, as well as Church’s and Community Organization requesting more assistance from the community.
Currently we have two seasoned gardeners in Golden Rule (Brother & Sister Appling), their advice on producing vegetables for our community is greatly appreciated, we also have two youth groups in Golden Rule and with the help of their advisors they will assist Golden Rule. The leadership of Golden Rule looks forward to the spring where we can start planting vegetables for our Vauxhall community. It’s been such a pleasure to work on this gracious endeavor in giving back and helping those in need.
With the participation of Vauxhall Community and volunteers our Community Garden in 2019 will continue to flourish and provide vegetables and exercise to all participants while gardening.

About the Grantee

Golden Rule Lodge No 24

The members of Golden Rule Lodge No 24 and Golden Rule Chapter No 50 are a community based organization, we are working with the community, By providing and assisting with healthy living within the community, by growing a garden and teaching the community how to eat and live healthy. With this in mind, we have created a service project that directly gives aid to the Vauxhall Community

Strategy: Community Gardens

Cohort: North 2

Funder: Atlantic Health System

Cities: Union