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Plants Are Our Best Buds


November was all about plants. Students at school 8 learned the four stages of a plants life cycle, the different parts of a plant and what plants need to survive. We did a number of hands-on activities but the two favorites were the dissection of a lima bean and the “I Can Eat a Whole Plant” activity.

Before dissecting the lima bean students guessed what the inside would look like. Some thought it would be sparkly, some thought it would be pink and some thought a grown plant was inside. Once dissected we identified the seed coat, embryo and food source. The students were very excited to bring their lima beans home.

When identifying all the parts of a plant, the students learned that they can actually eat all the parts. They were given carrots, spinach, celery, broccoli and sunflower seeds. They had to guess which vegetable was the root, stem, leaf, flower and seed. One table got it right on the first try. All of the students loved the sunflower seeds and the broccoli was their least favorite.

Since the temperature has dropped and we saw the first snowfall, the students have been doing zumba during recess. They love it and really work up a sweat.

Outside of the classroom, we are looking forward to attending the Culture of Health Conference at the end of the month!

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