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Policy Change – It “Aint” Easy

Creating excitement and engagement around a program or a speaker usually has a beginning, middle and hopefully a great ending.  Shaping Elizabeth has had success in rallying people around Food Insecurity and healthy eating though our Healthy Food Pantry, Mobile Market and Community Gardens.

Our Food Insecurity Committee is determined to continue these great community programs but move our focus to policy and systems changes.  To that end, we invited Assemble Woman Annette Quijano to meet with our committee to discuss how we can sustain current successful programs and initiatives and how can we influence local, county and state legislation which will have sustainable changes on Food Insecurity.  Our meeting is set for December 10, 2018.  One of our partners has reviewed the current Anti-Hunger legislation proposed by Assemble Speaker Coughlin on Thursday, Nov. 29, 2018.  The legislation will be moving forward.  Attached are copies of the proposed legislation which is looking at 4 general categories: Food Deserts, Food Waste and Surplus Food, Organizational Changes to address hunger and Marketing and Outreach efforts to promote anti-hunger issues.

The committee has also created a survey for large storeowners concerning their current work for healthy eating and interest level to become involved with Shaping Elizabeth to promote and encourage healthy eating amongst shoppers.  Corey Wu-Jung, SE Nutritionist, Mark Collicho, City of Elizabeth Health Department and I visited 8 supermarkets and distributed the survey.  7 of the 8 stores completed the survey.  The committee will follow up and schedule a meeting with owners and managers in January to begin the conversation.

It seems like we are right in line with some of the proposals.

More to come…..

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