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Policy, System, and Environment (PSE) Change in Bloomfield Elementary School

Implementing Breakfast after the Bell (BAB) in Bloomfield has been a continuous process. We began in 2018, by approaching the schools superintendent for support with the backing of the Board of Education (BOE). After numerous meetings we gained headway and approached all of our eight elementary schools. The first principal to gain interest immediately was Berkeley Elementary School Principal, Dr. Baxter. To assist making the vision clearer, we arranged a site visit with Dr. Baxter at a Hillside Elementary School that was participating in the BAB program. Even though the interest to increase nutrition for students was there, Dr. Baxter like many other principals had concerns about the logistics of the program, such as sufficient staffing to run a fluid breakfast program while class was in session. We also knew we had to engage other community stakeholders to sustain the program. This took countless face to face meetings with school board members, parents from the home and school associations, and the school districts food distributors to ensure we were addressing all components of the program. We have succeeded in changing the school environment as breakfast is no longer served before school starts and in one school we have created a wellness committee. Most importantly, there has been systematic and policy changes by the BOE who has now included BAB in their yearly school budget and students who do not meet the criteria are subsidized by the school district. We are also excited to share that we are closer to our long-term goal of having BAB in all Bloomfield schools by implementing the program in two other schools for the 2019-2020 school year.

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Bloomfield Department of Health and Human Services

The Bloomfield Department of Health & Human Services' mission is to prevent disease and promote physical and mental well-being through policy development, disease detection, prevention, education, and enforcement. We aim to do so in a culturally competent manner that ensures the highest quality of life for the residents we serve.