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PowerCorps Cleans the Air and Greens Camden

Managed by Center for Family Services, PowerCorps is an AmeriCorps program in Camden NJ that has made tremendous strides in improving environmental health in our city.  The program is an offshoot of an initiative by the same name that began in Philadelphia in 2013.

PowerCorps members, ranging from ages 18 to 26, plant trees, manage rain gardens, and clean inlets and debris from the city’s streets.  Mike English, a Camden PowerCorps, describes removing drug paraphernalia, toys and other household items like furniture, which emit dust from wood into the air.

English has noticed the most pollution in the Downtown District as a result of traffic and over population.  But he has also noticed that his and the efforts of his team to make Camden greener is infectious.  He says that they get good feedback from residents, who are very appreciative of their efforts so much so that they participate in the clean-up efforts.

“There were a few times I was out with my crew and people stopped to pick up trash.  Residents ask questions and watch us do the work we do.”

These small steps have monumental ripple effects on air quality, contributing to a greener and cleaner Camden.

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Cooper’s Ferry Partnership

Cooper’s Ferry Partnership (CFP) was founded in 1984 as a private, non-profit corporation dedicated to planning and implementing high-quality urban redevelopment projects to revitalize the City of Camden.

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