Grantee Blog 2020


We have completed our project with the New Jersey Healthy Communities Network and the NJ Division of Disability Services.
The funding received through this grant collaborative was used entirely for the assessment of county operations to evaluate accessibility for disabled persons. Disability Access Consultants, LLC, was contracted to perform an audit of county operations. The findings are included in the 109-page Executive Summary, to be posted on our website by November 22nd, 2021 for public viewing (Office on Disability – Division of Intergenerational Services – Atlantic County Government ( Completion of this summary was delivered, but the work is far from ‘complete’. The Self Evaluation is a document to reference for the implementation of the county’s ADA Transition Plan. We have already begun reviewing the findings and planning the next steps.
Atlantic County is now undergoing a website analysis to assure Web Accessibility per ADA technical standard: WCAG 2.0 (Website Compliance Accessibility Guidelines). We have interviewed and are working with several consultants to determine ideal processes for modifications to our site and determine best processes for downloads and readability. Additionally, we will continue to modify our Right of Way Transition Plan: (Microsoft Word – DRAFT ACG – ADA Transition Plan Mike – Ali Additions ( and discuss plans for performing building surveys for disabled access.

About the Grantee

Atlantic County Division of Intergenerational Services

County Office of Disability Services, Office of the ADA Coordinator.