Grantee Blog 2020

Project Pathway

Pennsville Recreation Department is proud to announce construction has begun of the path inside the Riverview Beach Park.  The township received the necessary quotes and after the review process was completed, John Wyshinski Construction Company, was awarded the project.  John quickly got to work and dug the entire path.  The base product was applied and smoothed out using a steamroller.  We predict the project will continue on time provided the asphalt paver equipment becomes available.  Because of Covid-19 a lot of projects were placed on hold.  Now there is a demand for the equipment which could potentially slow the progress slightly.

About the Grantee

Pennsville Township

Pennsville Township is about 24 1/2 square miles with a population of 14,500. Pennsville offers a wide variety of recreation opportunities for citizens of all ages through its Recreation Department. Much of the land owned by the Township is used for recreation purposes, especially the area known as the Riverview Beach Park.