Grantee Blog 2020

Project Pathway

Pennsville Township is pleased to announce the completion of the Park Path Project, known to Pennsville residents as Bleckley Way. The last blog depicted the grass seed being planted along with finishing up some miscellaneous items.  Since then the path was rededicated Bleckley Way with a host of the former mayor’s family in attendance.  Brenda Goins of the Salem Health and Wellness Foundation who supports New Jersey Health Communities along with members of the Pennsville Rotary Club and Septemberfest Committee were there for the event.  All three funders covered the cost of the entire project.  It was a perfect evening for all to enjoy and celebrate Mayor Bleckley who spearheaded purchasing the beautiful park in 1976 with Green Acres funding.

About the Grantee

Pennsville Township

Pennsville Township offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities for people of all ages. The Riverview Beach Park where the path was constructed is used primarily for this purpose.