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Promise Ag Rescuing Gleaned Produce and Turning it to Value Added Products

Throughout September and October, through a partnership with Farmers Against Hunger, we gleaned approximately 850 pounds of apples. These apples, which had naturally fallen to the ground and would otherwise have gone to waste, were picked over several trips to local farms by AmeriCorps service members serving at Elijah’s Promise. The apples recovered from the local farms were shared between the Community Soup Kitchen, Elijah’s Promise’s catering services, and Promise Culinary school and used in place of otherwise purchased items and as fresh supplements to ongoing services. The Community Kitchen used the apples at its daily salad bar for the two weeks or so that their supply of apples lasted. Catering services used 30 gallons of applesauce made from these gleaned apples while another 196 pounds of apples were made into 60 pies by the Promise Culinary School students. Some of the pies were gifted to staff and donors while the rest were frozen and saved for Thanksgiving at the Community Kitchen. One AmeriCorps service member serving at Elijah’s Promise coordinated the gleaning of these apples as well as the processing and distribution of them. Promise Culinary students volunteered to spend a full day processing a total of 296 pounds of apples to produce the aforementioned applesauce and pies. This apple gleaning experience has jumpstarted ongoing efforts to recover and process more fresh produce on a consistent basis!

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Strategy: Healthy Eating

Cohort: Central 2

Funder: SNAP-Ed

Cities: New Brunswick