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Promoting the Serving of Drinking Water at Senior and Disabled Centers


Water regulates body temperature, create salvia, lubricates and cushions joints, spinal cord, and tissues.  Water helps with nutrition absorption and helps improve mood. Water is necessary for proper bodily function! Too often centers serve sugar sweet beverages, coffee, tea, and NO water.  In lieu of nutrition menu evaluations due to COVID closures, we have circulated the following pledge which emphasizes individuals and centers serving the disabled and seniors.

On average people should drink about 8 glasses a day but water intake should also be individualized depending on health needs, activity level, and environmental circumstances.  Caffeinated drinks, such as coffee and tea, can be included in daily fluid intake; however water should be served as well. Caffeinated drinks may have a mild diuretic effect, can cause headaches and insomnia.   Water is the BEST fluid to stay hydrated!


Many people only drink water once feeling the need to drink fluid, yet we should drink water throughout the day to prevent from thirst.  Dehydration leads to lack of energy, sunken eyes, not urinating or dark yellow urine, dizziness, rapid heartbeat/breathing.  They do not drink because navigating to the toilet may be challenging.  Prevention comes with change.


Drinking water prevents dehydration!  In working with, serving meals to, or teaching the disabled and senior communities, leaders need to role model increased water consumption personally.  Step should be taken to institute policy that adds more water into their operations.  For example serving water with every meal or snack, eliminating sugar sweet or caffeinated beverages and making restrooms pleasing, accessible, and convenient.

Promoting and educating on the regular consumption of water is a prudent move among those serving seniors and the disabled.  Making policy and environmental changes that support is better.    Take the pledge…

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