Grantee Blog 2020

Reaching ALL Ages of the Community

Neighborhood Connections to Health’s Intergenerational Physical Activity group is gearing up for the community application process!  The Freehold Intergenerational Community Council (FICC) is slated to welcome its members this summer and begin the work early in the fall.  First, community members from 8th grade and older need to be recruited to participate in a leadership training, followed by creating the FICC organizational capacity and then the community work can begin.  The 2-page application has been created using other youth and community councils as a guide and feedback from the Intergenerational subgroup.  Incentives for participation and community partners to assist with outreach have also been finalized.  Specifically, students will have the ability to include participation for leadership and community hours with other community members benefiting from the leadership training and the ability to prioritize community efforts to improve health and equity throughout different groups within the community.

The COVID-19 response has posed challenges to the work, as community recruitment through events and activities must currently be postponed.  Existing partners with networks within the community are still being utilized to begin the application process, even while the traditional community models are on hold.

About the Grantee


Neighborhood Connections to Health (NCTH) is a community non-profit organization, which began as a portion of the work of the Visiting Nurses Association (VNA). NCTH was formed in 2016 and currently works under 4 priority areas: Intergenerational Physical Activity, Bikeability/Walkability, Lead Prevention and Access to Healthy Foods.