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Recreation Ready

We are nearing the end of the grant cycle and had a wonderful meeting about a week or so ago with all the other grantees. It was interesting to hear how everyone is working to end on a successful note.  We are no different here in Audubon.

We have just about tied up everything with the snack stands and we have high hopes that they will come away with some valuable information on providing healthier options at the snacks stands.  Our nutritionist has agreed to provide some written material for the organizations to use moving forward in their endeavors.

Audubon’s Walk through History continues to push onward even though we lost a couple of key volunteers. We are hopeful to finish the write ups and install at least three of our signs by year’s end.

Our Recreation Center is well on its way with the construction of the building and it is very exciting!  There is a real buzz around town surrounding this project. The building may take another six to nine months, but that hasn’t stopped us from revitalizing the grounds.  The exercise equipment and the percussion instruments have been ordered. The vision for this space is family fun and recreation and will be a wonderful community gathering spot!

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Borough of Audubon

The Borough of Audubon is a small and proud community that prides itself on family and community. Coming together for a common cause is one of its best attributes.