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Removing Barriers for a Healthy North Bergen

What are some of the barriers to physical activity? Research from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, shows that some of the barriers to physical activity include how communities are designed and built. For instance, some cities do not have parks, sidewalks, bicycle trails, or safe and pleasant walking paths. Additionally, people perceive exercise as an inconvenience due to the increasing amount of time they spend getting to the gym or a place to exercise. Removing some of these barriers in the North Bergen community and building a culture of wellness can significantly help our residents to be healthier. New Jersey Healthy Communities Network sponsored the Park and thrive initiative project that is currently under construction. Our project will be done by the end of July 2018. This new project aims to transform a vacant space behind an apartment complex of a low-income neighborhood.

The new park will have a total of eight modern pieces of equipment that can simultaneously accommodate up to 13 individuals at once. In addition, the North Bergen Health Department will provide a free newsletter with exercise tips, recipes, and essential information on how to use the exercise equipment.  The equipment has arrived, and we are proudly moving forward to eliminate some of the physical activity barriers for a healthy North Bergen. Our residents are getting excited about the new project. Several families who live near the new park are planning to engage in physical exercise, and change their eating habits to achieve a healthier lifestyle. We will closely follow their experience with this new initiative.

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