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Ridgefield’s 9/11 Slocum Fitness Path

Ridgefield’s 9/11 Slocum Path Fitness Center is located next to our Nature Center and the main pathway from Ridgefield’s middle school to the center of town.  Everyday this pathway is traveled by hundreds of pedestrians of all ages.  This site has been looked at for developing a park, gazebo and picnic area.  For now, we have decided as step 1 is to install 8 pieces of exercise equipment that are designed to work out all different body parts.  It is a unique area because it is reminiscent of some West Coast beaches here in an East Coast park.  In some areas, for example California, there are areas of the beach with workout equipment where people workout outside.  You can take a look at pictures of our progress and soon to come will be the “after” pictures of what we are able to accomplish.

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Borough of Ridgefield

The Borough of Ridgefield is a small suburban community located in the northeastern part of New Jersey, in Bergen County, covering an area of 2.6 square miles and having a population of approximately 11,000 residents. The Recreation department covers all the sports and events and park areas in the town.