Grantee Blog 2020

Ringwood Walkathon

The music was blasting, kids were smiling ear to ear, balloons were blowing side to side. Eleanor G Hewitt Elementary School presents their first Walkathon, in celebration of the new path created. The fourth graders came outside first; each child grabbing a fire hydrant red Adirondack chair and sat down in order of homeroom. Grey matching t-shirts and sneakers on, the kids were eagerly awaiting to walk this new path. The announcement was made that the first homeroom can begin. Jumping out of their chairs as they ran towards the arches and began walking. Round and round they went, talking, laughing, and enjoying the beautiful fall day. The children screaming out how many laps they have completed as they took a water bottle from the table. As the other kids heard that their fellow classmate has walked a certain number of laps, the children were working hard to surpass that number. Once the kids realized that four laps’ accounts for one mile the competition was on. Faces were getting red, but the smiles never left. The walking path is a wonderful addition to the school and is already being incorporated in the curriculum. Staff and students are excited for upcoming events utilizing the path, such as the Halloween parade, walking classroom and new physical education activities.

The opening day of the walkathon was decorated with twelve pumpkins lining the table. Each homeroom class worked together to create a pumpkin to enter in the contest. Each pumpkin unique, ranging from scary to spooky to charming. The principle will be the judge as the different homerooms vote on which pumpkin will win. This beautiful day was a success, smiles all around. We are so excited for all the students, parents, and staff to enjoy this wonderful addition to the school.


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