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Round and Round We Go

Round and Round We Go


The Bloomfield Human Services Division received a call from a concerned mother of a child in a wheelchair. Her young daughter was not able to utilize most of the playground equipment at the local park because she is in a wheelchair and it is difficult to lift her out of the chair This mother brought this issue to a special needs forum in Bloomfield and collected 2000 signatures asking that wheelchair accessible equipment be placed in the local park because the need was significant.

In order to help wheelchair bound children enjoy the local playground, we asked the family to go back to their special needs group to inquire what additions they would like to the local park. The forum felt that a wheelchair accessible merrygoround would be the best choice because it provides sensory input that facilitates attention and better body awareness, in addition to being a lot of fun and giving all children a typical playground experience.

Unfortunately, the equipment has not be installed because the playgrounds have been closed due to COVID-19. We are currently working with the Township and recreation department regarding the appropriate placement of the merry go round and look forward to watching all children have the experience of the wind going through their hair as they merry go round whirls them around. Stay tuned



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