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Scaling out Food Justice from a Local to a Regional Level

On October 21st, CATA hosted its 39th Anniversary with a Membership Assembly and Conference. During this event, we had a group of members who led a workshop based on the Food Justice Work that is being done and expanding throughout NJ, PA, and MD. During this workshop, there were participants from Hammonton, those who participated in the current established Community Garden run by Hammonton Green Committee and those interested in becoming involved in community gardens. The conversations that emerged from this topic were amazing! The workshop was titled: “How to Organize in Community Gardens to Amplify Agroecology”.

Our current food system is affecting us all at the global scale. Those engaged in this conversation agreed that people need to reclaim ancestral knowledge and the way food was produced even before pesticides came into existence. People are very motivated and look forward to the creation of community gardens for the Latino Community in Hammonton as a way to amplify Food Justice in NJ. When talking about Food Justice it not only refers to the physical production of food but also how people explore the root causes of not having access to adequate food.

About the Grantee

Comite de Apoyo para Trabajadores Agriculturales (CATA)

CATA- The Farmworkers Support Committee just had their 39th Anniversary serving the migrant and farmworker community. CATA’s mission is to empower and educate farmworkers through leadership development and capacity building so that they are able to make informed decisions regarding the best course of action for their interests,learning from their experiences through popular education methodology.

Strategy: Community Assessments for Healthy Eating and Active Living Community Gardens

Cohort: South 2

Funder: New Jersey Health Initiatives

Cities: Hammonton