Grantee Blog 2020

Sensory Garden Planning via Zoom

We were looking forward to this time of year, the weather is warm and we hoped to be outside starting work on our Sensory Garden.Ā  Unfortunately, the pandemic has caused us to postpone our work.
Merriam Avenue School is currently closed so we are unable to begin the physical work in the garden, instead we have held several virtual meetings to discuss our plans.Ā  The Sensory Garden Committee is comprised of Davina Daura, Owner and Founder of Performance Pediatrics, Jennifer Salt and Lauren Sprich of SNAP ED, Dr. Fred Savio, School Business Administrator/Board Secretary-Newton Board of Education and myself Jane Langeveld, School Social Worker.
We have been discussing the best way to move forward and through various discussions we have decidedĀ that we will work predominantlyĀ on the hardscaping aspect of the garden.
We want our students to be involved in the planting of the garden, thereforeĀ we have decidedĀ that we will work on important aspects such as wheelchair ramps, the installationĀ of a sensory board, painting the walls and the plumbing needed for a water feature.
We have also made a ‘wish list’ of items such as swing benches, stepping stones, planter boxes and wind sculptures.Ā  When we receiveĀ the funding we hope to order these items and start work on the hardscaping.

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Merriam Avenue Elementary School

Merriam Avenue School is located in Newton, NJ. We are a Kindergarten through 4th Grade Elementary School. We are a Title 1 School and we have approximately 400 students currently enrolled.