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Snack Stand Incentives

Last month I left off stating that our soccer club was knocking it out of the park with filling up their snack stand with healthy snacks.  Our monetary incentive to provide healthy options seemed like a no-brainer for soccer.  It seems as though they make a conscious effort every season to try to provide the healthiest snacks for their soccer families.  The pictures really tell the whole story.  Their snacks include fresh fruit, yogurt, coconut water and pistachios just to name a few.

As the year comes to an end and we start thinking about next year and how we can do better in our snack stands, I scheduled a conference call with our nutritionist.  We discussed in length the short falls with softball and baseball this year.  As hard as they tried, they still came up a little short. It wasn’t completely their fault, however.  The timing of the grant with the start of their season and possibly the lack of the full understanding of what was expected were all contributors.  One clear example is that zucchini muffins were provided, however, they were not clearly marked.  They were definitely a healthy option, but without being clearly identified as such, they were mistaken for a less healthy option.

The game plan for next year has to be tweaked just a bit.  We need to meet with the snack stand managers earlier in the year and possibly invite the parents as well.  We had hoped to have an informational session with the parents this year, but time was not on our side.  So we are in the beginning stages of planning that informational session.

Our biggest goal with the snack stand incentive portion is that after two years of providing healthier choices that these options actually stick and be provided year after year even when there is no monetary incentive.  If we can get the parents involved so that they understand the mission and how it benefits them, they will then be the driving force to expect and/or request these healthier options in the future.  So there is pressure to make sure all three clubs get this right next year.

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