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Soccer at Pocahontas Park

Improvements at Pocahontas Park have shown to be successful in just the first months of Spring. The Latino soccer league has commenced and players as well as spectators are very content with the improvements that were done by Habitat for Humanity. The gazebos and sitting areas provide a space for the community to gather and join in the excitement of the soccer games. The games that take place every Saturday from 2-5 PM the league goes on until November. Not only do people use the park on Saturdays, we have noticed more people use the park during the week as well.

Other improvements to the park include the removal of all ash trees and invasive species. This work has been carried by the Morristown Shade Tree Commission, they were awarded a grant for $20,000 from Green Space Grant from TD Bank Group (TD) and the Arbor Day Foundation to support greening and tree planting initiatives. Also, three shade trees were planted at Pocahontas Park and new shrubs are scheduled to be planted in the next few weeks.

The complete transformation of Pocahontas Park will take time and funding, but we are confident that the improvements that are under way will provide a safe place for the community to enjoy.

The program is supported by funding from Atlantic Health System as part of the New Jersey Healthy Communities Network.


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