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Spring into Healthy Choices with the Nutrition Facts Label

As the seasons change and flowers begin to bloom, now is the time to make mindful choices for lifelong health. Adopting a healthy lifestyle, including regular physical activity and good nutrition, not only helps reduce the risk of developing certain diseases, but also can assist in better managing pre-existing conditions and improving your overall wellbeing.

Spring is a good time to explore local farmers markets or just swing by your nearest grocery store.  All fruits and vegetables are a great choice, but selecting healthy proteins, whole grains and packaged products to add to your fruits and vegetables can be difficult. The following Nutrition Facts Label information can help you make smart choices as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The Nutrition Facts Label is a requirement by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that serves as an action-oriented tool to provide consumers detailed information about a food’s nutrient content. This allows you to learn, compare, and make better, informed food choices that can positively affect your health. The 2016 redesign and updates reflect the latest nutrition science and research, with consumer feedback. The new label highlights are shown on the image to your right (Link), in addition to key components listed below:

When choosing foods and beverages, consider the following tips to support a healthy eating pattern whether you are shopping in store, online, or reading up on the foods you have in your own pantry.

You can now step into spring with confidence in your food choices that will add up over time!


Learn more about the Nutrition Facts Label on the FDA website. Additional supportive resources include MyPlate and a local Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.




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