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Starting the Year on an Active Note

After a great winter break school is back in session and the new year is off to an active start.

Thanks to the NJHCN we were able to purchase jump ropes and hula hoops for the students at School 8 and they are having so much fun! They compete to see who can hula hoop for the longest amount of time and who can break the record for how many jumps are taken while jumping rope. The students are getting creative and playing hopscotch with the hula hoops as well as spinning the hula hoops on their arms. Needless to say when recess is over they have released pent-up energy and have worked up a sweat. The students and staff are so appreciative of the new exercise gear as we all work towards promoting an active recess, especially during winter.

We are also taking precautionary measures to stay healthy as we enter flu season and are learning about foods that help promote a healthy immune system. The students tried bell peppers and learned that they actually contain more vitamin C than an orange. Although they definitely preferred the oranges to the bell peppers.

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United Way of Passaic County

The United Way of Passaic County works to improve the lives of people in Passaic County by mobilizing the caring power of our community. Our goal is to promote healthy nutrition and a food environment within which all County residents can have access to healthy foods and live a healthy lifestyle.