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Staying Healthy and Happy in Summer Camp

It is a well-documented fact that children should spend at least one hour each day exercising. At the Boys & Girls Club of Clifton summer camp, exercise is on the daily schedule. Children spend time swimming and dancing. They participate in organized sports, and unstructured free play. Children start each camp day doing stretching exercises and moving in place.

Daily exercise or simply running around and playing, helps improve three areas of childhood development: endurance, strength and flexibility. Regular aerobic exercise helps improve endurance. Children become energized and are better able to focus on important tasks, such as academics. Children will be able to sleep better and regulate their emotions. Developing muscle strength at an early age is important for overall childhood growth. Swimming, running or jumping around helps develop muscle strength. Flexibility helps children develop good posture.  Common problems, such as slouched shoulders or hunched backs, can be prevented with basic stretching and daily exercise.

At the Boys & Girls Club of Clifton summer camp, children are encouraged to partake in physical exercise every single day because children who exercise are happier.




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