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Success After The Bell

Success after the bell

After the successful kick off that was hosted, the program began to take shape. Children were receiving breakfast, and the program was running smoothly. To ensure the program continues to benefit children on the academic level, Ebony Felton, will be conducting a case study with measurable objectives and quantifiable outcomes through evaluations of grades and focus groups.

As we turn the page to active living, back in October we had an extremely successful parklet. This parklet was displayed at our Bloomfield Township Harvest Fest and was able to take over parking spaces in front of prime retail establishments. People got to experience what free and extended spaces looked/felt like when walking by or when sitting in it. It was dressed with plants, scarecrows, and personal touches to please the eye. The outcome could not have been better. Our builder and consultant, Matt Mulvey and John Sullivan, were a huge help along the way. They made it extremely easy for us to put the pieces of the parklet together.

We are looking forward to bringing the parklet back during the summer of 2019! As well as adding an additional school to the breakfast after the bell program.




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