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Summer Camp Fun with Food!

With Summer Camp in full swing, the YMCA of Gloucester County day camp gives our campers the opportunity to improve their health all while having fun and trying new things!  Our garden is thriving thanks to the help of our campers’ willingness to learn…we are harvesting squash, tomatoes, cantaloupe, and more!  Campers are learning how to plant seeds, water, weed, and when is the right time to harvest.

To complement what they are learning in the garden, campers have nutrition education lessons with our fitness staff member Miss Lyndsay and our nutrition intern, Miss Alyssa.  The kids enjoy playing traditional games with a nutrition twist-such as “Headbands” where a child holds up a picture of food on their forehead and the other children must help them guess what food it is through describing the food-without saying the name.  Our youngest campers “Rookies” and “Pioneers” never tire from playing “Red Light, Green Light” but with “Woah” and “Go” foods (Catch Kids Club Model).  Our older campers enjoy having a chance to compete in multiple rounds of Nutrition Jeopardy- with the winning question “What is Ascorbic Acid?” (Vitamin C!)  Our kids have also had chances to test out their portion size skills with cereal and cookies by pouring what they think would be an appropriate portion size.

To wrap up all this amazing work the staff are doing at camp, each week we send a newsletter home to the families to clue them in on what is going on at camp.  This newsletter features healthy recipes, food swaps, and fitness challenges to do at home for the whole family.  We know that our work has just begun, but hard work is a whole lot easier when it’s FUN!

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