Grantee Blog 2020

Summer is Here!

As the school year begins to wind down, we¬†are taking time to reflect on the many changes that we experienced. We started the year virtually, switching to a hybrid¬†schedule, back to virtual, then hybrid and finally transitioning to¬† a ‘normal’ school day.¬† We are no longer sure what ‘normal’ looks like but we can say that this year has been a test of character, flexibility and creativity.¬† We are so proud of our students and staff at Merriam Avenue, they have shown amazing resilience¬†and compassion during this challenging time.

The garden is now in full bloom and our students have been working hard, planting and watering.  The Sensory Garden has provided a beautiful outdoor space for our children to sit, play and explore.  We continue to plan and create the garden.  During the summer months students who are participating in our summer program will maintain the garden and enjoy all the sensory opportunities that it offers.

About the Grantee

Merriam Avenue Elementary School

Merriam Avenue Elementary School is located in Northwest New Jersey. The mission of the Newton Public Schools is to educate the whole child. We believe parents, teachers, support staff and citizen's must partner in order to help children achieve their highest potential. Therefore we organize ourselves as community schools.