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Summer Means Promise Ag is Growing Food for Elijah’s Promise!

This past week, July 22-28, Elijah’s Promise Urban Agriculture has grown and delivered 75 pounds of fresh, organic produce to three different Elijah’s Promise enterprises. There was a large and fruitful harvest at Promise High Tunnel of many kinds of tomatoes, peppers, scallions, chard, beets, and parsley.

Promise Agriculture began 10 years ago to promote sustainability, healthy eating, and creation more green space in New Brunswick, which has many added benefits for those living there and the surrounding environment. In order to grow more food, Promise High Tunnel was created this past year to serve as a small, functioning farm that will hopefully consistently produce over 250 pounds of food annually.

The produce was delivered to our soup kitchen, culinary school, summer program for children, and Meals on Wheels partnership. All of our juicy, ripe tomatoes were delivered to 18 Neilson St to be used in the soup kitchen in salads, sauces, and more. This harvest yielded about 100 tomatoes in total. The abundance of parsley was also delivered there to be used to add earthy flavor to the meals served.

Around 50 beets were delivered to Meals on Wheels at 211 Livingston Avenue to make delicious, healthy salads for those getting meals delivered. The other 50 of the beets, plus all of the chard, were delivered to Let’s Cook for Kids, to teach children how to use healthy food to make meals for themselves in our community cooking class program. Finally, 50 scallions and 20 peppers were given to Promise Culinary School and added to lesson plans to teach aspiring chefs how to use fresh ingredients for their recipes.

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Elijah’s Promise

Elijah’s Promise harnesses the power of food to break the cycle of poverty and hunger as well as change lives! We do this through serving good food for all at our community soup kitchen, providing education and jobs in the food industry with Promise Culinary School, a community garden, community advocacy, and creating social enterprises that further social good. Learn more at!