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Taking Steps in the Right Direction

With the understanding of the key role that communication plays in public health, the Center for Prevention and Counseling has been able to share the message of health and wellness through various methods at key reference points throughout the office building. Ways of sharing include: providing pamphlets on the effects of eating and exercise on reducing stress in the waiting area; informational signs in the kitchen and at the water stations on healthy eating, portion size and hydration; bulletin boards done by Think, Act, Grow which is the Centers “at risk” youth program; and stairwell posters made by the staff with motivational messages, health information and research on how taking the stairs is a ‘healthy choice’.

The sharing of these messages, especially the “StairWell- step up to health” initiative has proven successful from both client and employee feedback. With new messages posted bi-weekly staff have stated they are “excited each week for the new messages” and that they “choose to take the stairs now.” The importance of physical health and wellness is imperative in the success for those in recovery from substance use disorders which is the client base that the Center for Prevention and Counseling serves. Recovery Coach, Katie has stated that one her clients has been inspired by the stairwell messages and has “also been taking the stairs in other buildings aside from the Center for Prevention and Counseling.”

The Center is grateful for its partners, and funder, NJ Partnership for Healthy Kids, that supports the communication of wellness messages to create a healthy and safe workplace. New health challenges at the Center for Prevention and Counseling are in the works.

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The mission of the Center for Prevention and Counseling is to promote hope, health and recovery among all people by fostering a community in which individuals and families thrive. We do this through our 3 departments including Prevention, Counseling and Recovery support.