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Tasting the First Harvest

The following blog is from our Lincoln Park Middle School teacher and 2 students:
Great news over at LPMS we are ready for our first harvest. Students got a chance to eat what we planted back in September. Lettuce, Arugula and Basil are the first 3 to be plucked from our Hydroponic Tower Garden. The kids were eager and motivated to try and taste the plants. 
” Wow, my mom would be so proud that I’m trying something green!”
 – Jack, LPMS 5th Grade
The cucumbers are also starting to bloom, and pollination needs to be done to simulate how the wind cross-pollinates the flowers in order for the fruit to grow. The same students used a paint brush and lightly dusted each open blossom to spread the pollen. 
“I never have done that, but it was easy and fun. ”  Sara,  LPMS 7th Grade  

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