Grantee Blog 2020

The Evolution: The New Normal for Wellness

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve Essex County has implemented employee testing to its wellness program as we prepare to return employees back to work. Being able to return employees to a safe environment is our top priority. Understanding the need of a robust wellness program we also have learned that what we considered normal work functions have to be adjusted to our new way of life. This includes remote access to health promotion programs and virtual meetings to encourage positive lifestyle changes. In this time of great anxiety we aim to create programs to combat workplace stress and improve employee’s productivity and performance. Our first steps will include an employee survey to better help us understand how to transition each employee back into their workspace and addressing their wellness needs.

About the Grantee

Essex County Health Department

The Essex County Health Department serves over 800,000 residents and 3500 county employees. The health department is in the middle of a transformation. This involves creating visible, impactful and valuable initiatives to create broader based health promotion programs. Essex County Health Department is dedicated to being a stand alone resources for the 22 municipalities in Essex.