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The site visit to top all site visits.

The Bloomfield Department of Health and Human Services was ready to show off their final product of “Breakfast after the Bell.”

It was 7:45AM and three slightly rained out individuals showed up at 351 Bloomfield Ave, where Berkeley Elementary School is located.

Walking up the staircase of an old style school house you could sense the history and the thousands of children’s feet that walked these halls and began building their future here.

You could also imagine the many educators who were tasked with making a difference in lives of children. On November 2, 2018, one educator who has shown her dedication to the Bloomfield community and the students of Berkeley school greeted the three visitors to show off her amazing work: Dr. Natashia Baxter.

The “Breakfast after the Bell” program began on the first day of school at Berkeley Elementary School. Dr. Baxter noted that since the inception of the program, the lunch program enrollment rate has risen from 57 percent to 76 percent. The increase was due to the school kick off program that was sponsored by the Bloomfield Health Department.

Dr. Baxter stated that only one suspension occurred in the school since the start on September 6th, 2018. The school has been keeping records of children who are taking the breakfast and keeping track of the number of breakfasts distributed. The Bloomfield Health Department will partner with the school to do a case study of the program. The case study will include attitudes of the children regarding the program, Interactive graphs that display real time breakfast distribution and best practices list.

As far as the three visitor’s they left Berkeley school in high hopes, wishing for other glittery school visits just like this one.

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The Bloomfield Department of Health and Human Services' mission is to promote physical and mental well-being through policy development, disease detection, prevention and education in a culturally competent manner that ensures the highest quality of life for the residents we serve.