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Tis the Season of Cold Weather and Warm Food

The garden at School 8 has been prepped for winter and the students have been learning about what happens to the garden during the cold weather. Although fruits and vegetables don’t grow during the winter in New Jersey, why do we still see them in the grocery and corner stores? The students learned that foods are shipped from all over the world, about food preservation methods and even tried homemade blueberry jam. The students also learned about indoor gardening, planted some pea shoots and have been observing the growth.

During a health lesson the students helped to make a “Spaghetti Squash Greek Salad” and categorized all the ingredients into the five major food groups. In science the students have been learning about the moon phases. They each made a poster of the four main phases and tried sweet potatoes in the shape of a full, half and crescent moon. Additionally, they have been learning about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores and made matching books to demonstrate what animal eats what. Lastly, we talked about the importance of bees and what would happen if they were removed from the food chain.

While the month flew by we had fun and learned a lot!

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The United Way of Passaic County works to improve the lives of people in Passaic County by mobilizing the caring power of our community. Our goal is to promote healthy nutrition and a food environment within which all County residents can have access to healthy foods and live a healthy lifestyle.