Grantee Blog 2020

Traffic Safety, Without the Traffic

The Montclair State University community has been adapting to the new remote working and learning procedures, which has led to a rather unique experience for our team.

Our team took advantage of the warming weather and were able to complete our campus walkability and pedestrian safety audit this month. We originally were planning on identifying any high-traffic or potentially high risk areas to pedestrians, to make our campus as safe and accessible as possible for our greater campus community. However, during our audit we got to experience a relatively unusual sight: a completely traffic-free campus!

We were able to supplement our audit with some available GIS data, to help us pinpoint areas that may need intervention when community members return to campus. We additionally were able to leverage a record of automobile traffic and collisions to try and identify any areas of our streetscape that could be improved upon. Our team is working to implement this data into our walkability audit, as our transition to remote learning has led to an unprecedented lack of automobile traffic for us to observe.

While the lack of automobile traffic may be welcome to some, we are working to make sure that, when it inevitably returns, our community will continue to be readily accessible for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other sustainable and active transportation methods.

About the Grantee

Montclair State University

The team at Montclair State is based out of the Division of University Facilities and the Campus Community Garden. We're combining efforts on this grant project to improve food security and pedestrian safety on campus. Our core team consists of Adeline Cochran, Sustainability Coordinator and Chris Snyder, MPH, Garden Founder/Coordinator.