Grantee Blog 2020

Virtual Community Hubs

The Community Hub initiative is committed to assisting our community in any way possible, no matter what obstacle stands in front. As we enter into the winter season, the Hubs will face a few obstacles. From weather growing colder to COVID cases rising, and new restrictions, the Hubs must find a way to continue, staying committed to our goals and mission. Since we are no longer able to operate within/outside the Hubs, due to weather/indoor restrictions, the Hubs will turn to a virtual model. In this strategy, our partners will come together online to share resources and information via social media, website, newsletters, and more. Specific partners will be able to hand out information to their members/customers within their place of business, if permitted, to ensure that we are getting the most information out possible. Our community is still greatly in need of resources in all aspects of life. Health, education, transportation, jobs, and more are at the top of the list. Our partners are committed as ever to keeping the Hubs relevant and a vital part of our community, no matter what challenges we face!

About the Grantee

Cumberland Cape Atlantic YMCA

We are a nonprofit charitable organization that is part of a worldwide association based on Christian principles, inclusive of all people, dedicated to fostering opportunities for all individuals, families and communities through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.