Grantee Blog 2020

Virtual Health resources and strong partnerships

School is out for summer and the preparation for the upcoming school year, which will look undoubtable different for the whole school community has already begun. Health has always been a part of NJ learning standards but with the current health climate it is increasingly apparent that our health wellbeing is of utmost importance. KidsFit has historically helped students, families and teachers make healthy lifestyle changes through nutrition and wellness education. These evidence based resources need to be morphed to fit virtual education. Our wellness team is currently working on modifying program materials to make them more suitable for online platforms, removing the need for paper and pen. Healthy cooking education can be made in the form of recipe videos just as we see streaming across the internet. Physical activity can also be performed anywhere but guidance and resources are needed. The wellness team at Newark Beth has turned to strong partnerships to leverage resources. Jersey Cares and KidsFit is a mutually beneficial partnership, whose resources have helped to intensify the effects of KidsFit in the Newark community for over two years. Jersey Cares and their pool of talented volunteers and interns continue to play an integral role in wellness for Newark families as they begin working on creating healthy recipe and physical activity videos using KidsFit materials! Upcoming virtual KidsFit program materials that are interactive and motivational can help teachers engage students and families on essential health topics such as nutrition and physical activity.

The picture here is of Registered Dietitian Kerri Likakis, MS RD helping teach healthy recipe making for Jersey Cares at one of their  implementation schools.


About the Grantee

Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

Newark Beth Israel is renowned for its many preventive health programs that promote wellness in the community including the Beth Greenhouse, The Rev. Dr. Ronald B. Christina Community Health and Wellness Center, KidsFit Treatment and prevention program and much more.