Grantee Blog 2020

Walk the Same Beat

Keeping yourself busy nowadays isn’t easy. That’s why the Bloomfield Department of Health and Human Services (BDHHS) decided to try and be the motivation to get our residents moving. From September 25 through October 12, 2020, Bloomfield residents were challenged to be active and get fit by walking the Morris Canal Greenway. BDHHS had the privilege of collaborating with the Bloomfield Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs Department. With the help from New Jersey Healthy Communities Network, we were also raffled two fits bits for the residents who participated in the walking challenge and created signs to have along the walk. We encouraged residents by placing these signs along the path starting at Wright’s Field in Bloomfield. Our signs were about keeping your heart healthy and how walking benefits your health. Not only did we have our signs posted but the Morris Canal Greenway also has historical information posted throughout the walk. The Bloomfield Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs Department, had the opportunity to promote a free app that residents could use to assist with tracking steps, miles walked, and pin point where you were walking on the trail.

As the veggie truck for our community comes to a close for this season, even during a pandemic we have had a great attendance. As of 11/6/2020, the veggie truck visited our community 6 times. City Green was able to take extra precautions when it came to residents attending to the truck. They had prepackaged produce in boxes and residents were able to look at what each small, medium, and large box contained by looking at their lists. As well as bagging the produce for the residents for what they desired to get. During this pandemic, having the veggie truck attend to us every other week was an amazing opportunity for our residents to take advantage of. We are hoping to work with City Green again in the safest and healthiest way possible next season for our community.

About the Grantee

Township of Bloomfield

The Township of Bloomfield has been consistently committed to improving the quality of life for our residents through various healthy eating and active living initiatives. The Bloomfield Department of Health and Human Services (BDHHS) regularly expands the Township's health programs to benefit all residents, including children, the elderly , and the disabled.