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Walking in Elizabeth Summer Session

This summer students from Elizabeth High Schools and local Colleges worked with Future City Inc. on the Walking in Elizabeth Project. The project is designed to teach students community assessment and GIS skills. This summer some of our participants were able to attend a Pedestrian Safety Workshop hosted by Together North Jersey learning more about walking assessments.

During this time period they met with and surveyed residents and shop owners in the target area. The surveys focused on residents’ access to healthy food and their walking and physical activity habits. The summer was capped off with a presentation to students at a nearby elementary school. The presentation

The picture above is an example of one of the GIS Maps created by Marcus Jones a student at the University of Pittsburgh. The map shows the locations of schools and grocery stores/convenience stores that are in and around the area with buffers at 500 and 1000 feet. The teaching of GIS software and creation of these types of maps are major part of being able to share the information found in our community assessments.

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Future City Inc.'s mission is to foster sustainable development by educating and assisting emerging racial and ethnic communities in policy formation, which will result in meaningful and measurable participation in environmental and community development.