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Walking in Elizabeth

This January students from local college and high school students spent their winter break learning and giving back to an Elizabeth Community. Walking in Elizabeth utilizes GIS mapping to create a community assessment. Walking in Elizabeth will also work with Elizabeth public school students and college students to learn more about their neighborhood and teach GIS software.

The goal of the week was to perform find baseline conditions for the Catherine William street neighborhood for future workshops. The students learned to use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping software and applied it towards their goals.

A partner presentation was made on the 11th of January were the participants presented to project partners, city stakeholders and members of the target community including Elizabeth City Councilman President Manny Grova (pictured above). The presentation was an intended discussion with these groups to about issues affecting walkability and access in the community and served as a first step for the project. Topics covered included green spaces and food access in the area.

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Future City Inc.'s mission is to foster sustainable development by educating and assisting emerging racial and ethnic communities in policy formation, which will result in meaningful and measurable participation in environmental and community development.