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Walking into a Healthy October

In 2011, Woodbine Elementary’s BOE passed a Resolution of Support in favor of pursuing a Safe Routes to School Program. With the guidance of Cross County Connection TMA, a non-infrastructure program was established that included walking school buses, walk to school events, and a bike program. Since then, the school’s Health and Wellness Committee has participated in Walk and Bike to School October.

Next month, Woodbine Elementary will be celebrating walk and bike to school day on the same day as their Fresh Food Market. Bicycle and pedestrian education material will be handed out during the market. Moving forward, the Health and Wellness Committee will begin scheduling similar events the same day as food distribution.

In 2012, a SRTS Travel Plan was created identifying flaws in the built environment. The Health and Wellness Committee, along with member of CFBNJ, will work to update the Travel Plan in the Spring of 2019. This time, food pantries will be identified in the walking audit to help increase access to existing food sources.

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Community Food Bank of New Jersey (CFBNJ)

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