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Wellness Beyond 4 Walls

Eighty-three degrees. Bright sunshine. Magnificent blue skies. It was picture-perfect for “Lincoln Park Day” this past Saturday, 9/28/19. Hundreds, if not thousands, meandered past different booths showcasing their businesses or organizations. Food, bouncy houses and music added to the festivities. And there in the middle of it all was the Lincoln Park Health Department. We recognized years ago that you had to bring wellness to the people…not expect the people to come looking for it from us. So that is what we have done and continue to do. We plop ourselves in the middle of things….events…schools…fields…stores…you name it. If you want to make a difference or move that proverbial dial, then you need to be outside of your building, outside of  your office, beyond your four walls. The grants we have received from Chilton Medical Center and the Atlantic Health System, through the New Jersey Healthy Communities Network, have enabled us to continue the good work that we do, bringing wellness to the people. At Lincoln Park Day we gave away, what else, but apples. We also highlighted our 2019 “Summer Wellness Challenge” that offered many free activities to residents: sunset yoga at the lake, reikki, a labyrinth, guided meditation, kids’ scavenger hunt and many other events. Hundreds stopped by our booth to grab an apple, hear about the wellness challenge or participate in our health tricky tray. One person in particular made my day. It was the 5th grade teacher at the Lincoln Park Middle School. She enthusiastically embraced the hydroponic towers in her classroom last year, teaching students about nutrition, carbon footprints and social justice. She told me she has already started this school year with the towers. But the most exciting news that she shared was about the delegate of teachers from China that came to visit the Lincoln Park Middle School and were impressed with the technology of the hydroponic towers in the classroom. So beyond four walls…the impact of this grant is going beyond the boundaries of New Jersey and the United States…and across an ocean. Thank you Chilton and Atlantic Health for helping us to make a difference!

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Borough of Lincoln Park

The Lincoln Park Health Department is committed to bringing wellness to the people. We partner with our schools, universities and businesses to help people make the healthy choice the easy choice.